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It’s late, why am I not in bed yet?

Because I’m excited about downloading sermons to listen to tomorrow while I mindlessly enter numbers that represent survey data blah blah blah 

The big picture is truly exciting and I’m stoked to go to a team meeting tomorrow and learn more, but let’s be serious - entering data doesn’t exactly stimulate my mind. Not that I’m necessarily complaining… I welcome this break after school and MCAT.

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Omigoodness, life went crazy

And it does not intend to slow down soon.

Hi new followers! It felt like everytime I checked my phone, there was a new message from tumblr. I couldn’t figure out how everyone was finding me… Lambiemd-ish :) tumblr’s sweetheart. Anyways I’m pretty excited.

So I’m just going to ramble rant now, but in the interests of not filling your dashboard with massive hunks of text… Just know that this edition of life ramble covers the following topics: weekend with the boyfriend, why I’m so stupid tired today, a new job - research data entry!, sunburns, and spiked raspberry iced tea.

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