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Scores are in… dun dun dunnnnn…

Well actually they were in last week but working at camp is quite literally the craziest. Hence I’m only just getting around to this.

The Verdict: So satisfied!

Overall it’s great, I doubt I’ll have to rewrite. I’d have to get rejected two or three times and honestly believe it to be the weakest part of my application before re-attempting. My Verbal section: blew it out of the water - great feeling. Writing Sample: basically bombed (relative to my perceptions of myself of a writer). It’s a lesson in humility I suppose. Though I justify it by saying I haven’t written a real essay in two years. And it isn’t even that bad… BS and PS: I got exactly the average scores that they accept into my number one choice school. So perfect. So perfect.

It’s done. I’m happy. The stupid long wait is over. I can kiss chem goodbye for all intents and purposes. Hallelujah. Because seriously. I don’t believe it would’ve gone like that without Jesus. He pulled me through. Amen.

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May 31

The day I wrote my MCAT. Sorry for the total lack of forewarning on that one. I do this thing where when I’m nervous about a thing, I clam up about it.

But it happened! It’s done! And it all happened so FAST. It really didn’t feel like 5 hours. Each section flew by. 

My mama drove me to the test centre and between our keener-ness, we got there a solid hour early. We found a beautiful off-leash park and walked for 20 minutes before heading back. She prayed for me and promised to wait awhile outside before she drove off. I kind of wanted to cry before I headed in, but I convinced myself that would not help me be in a good mental state, hahaha!

The girl checking me in was SO wonderful. She was just cheerful and calm and sweet and it eased my nerves. I got the “You look familiar…” (happens so often - any combination of reddish hair, brown eyes and freckles will do it) and so we chatted briefly about that - a nice little distractor. ;)

Anyways, the sections!

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Oh Happy Day

Today, I all but finished with labs for the semester. What joy! This second to last lab final wasn’t rocked… But I highly doubt I bombed either…

Later in the afternoon, the realization hit me that once I finish my gen chem lab on Friday, I won’t have any more lab reports to do!

All the possibilities that opens up! More time to read Ochem! More time to study metabolism! More time to grasp electromagnetism! More time to take notes on my psych chapters! More time to catch up in gen chem! So much nerdy joy!

And to make the day even greater: I re-stocked on my favourite pens. There’s just nothing quite like taking notes with your favourite pen in a brand new notebook.

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So what's your major?
Presumtuous 1st Year:
Biological sciences... It's pretty temporary, just until I get into medical school.
Oh...! ***to myself: so how's that 4.0? And MCAT prep? And pre-reqs? And general shining-so-bright-I'll-go-blind-if-I-glance-at-you?*** Hmmm. Sweet.

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I’m officially registered. Better than that, I got my seat switched to the city closest to my hometown… Rather than hours away and out of country :D

Jesus! This is crazy! I feel crazy! But you’ve been blessing me and we’re just going to go for it.

One step towards turning medicine from a dream into reality.

Still surreal. So surreal.

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