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My first final is tomorrow morning. 

I’ve been studying since nine this morning. That’s nine hours. 

My back hurts.

The cardiovascular system is awesome and hard at the same time. 

I wanna sleep or yell or run or cry.Or all of the above.

I’ll probably just call my mom on the walk home.

I have 4 more hours till I call ‘er quits and crawl into bed.

I can do this. I WILL do this. 

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Oh Finals

Two down, biochem and physics.

Biochem went just swimmingly: the marks are already posted and I pulled my A :)

I believe physics also went really well… Time will tell for that one though. I’m not quite as optimistic… But compared to last semester? (oh hello tearfest and worst exam stress response of my life, I do remember you all too clearly…) It went about 110 times better.

Three more and the crunch is on! Bed here I come. Morning? Study psych, go to church, study psych, study ochem. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. OH WAIT! Don’t forget to actually go write that final too. ;)

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