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I’m officially registered. Better than that, I got my seat switched to the city closest to my hometown… Rather than hours away and out of country :D

Jesus! This is crazy! I feel crazy! But you’ve been blessing me and we’re just going to go for it.

One step towards turning medicine from a dream into reality.

Still surreal. So surreal.

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This morning I was reading The End of Religion by Bruxy Cavey and the chapter was focusing on faith. The sentence that struck me was “[Faith] is not believing something that runs against our intellect, but moving beyond intellect to experience.”

Um, what an idea! There is something beyond intellect!? At university, intellect and knowledge and independent, critical thinking are ultimate. In my science classes, our profs admidt that there’s always a point where our knowledge and theories end and that to an extent, faith must exist to bridge the gap that is left. However, it just provides the drive to search futher and harder. I suppose without that, we would fail to keep making progress. But is there more than motivation to be gained from these cliff hangers of scientific understanding? It should make us stop, step back in awe, and thank God that there is yet more we don’t understand. It should shake us up, wake us up, and point to something beyond us.

Back to experience beyond intellect though… If we can’t even reason out and figure out our physical world, then how do we EVER think we’re going to understand the intangible social slash spiritual side of things. My Social Psych class has been rattling my faith more than my Bio with a focus on evolution… I’ve sat through classes explaining why, in theory, people contruct the institution of religon - to combat the salience of death that accompanies a threatened worldview. To create that worldview, surrounding ourselves with people who affirm our beliefs. It certainly shakes me, to hear ‘evidence’ invalidating what I strive to base my life on.

Lately though, through my own times with God, through reading The End of Religon, through discussions with my friends, I’ve been contemplating religon as a relationship, not the shell left over when the relationship leaves. Contemplating faith beyond reason. Beyond intellect. And struggling with how that looks when I live that out.

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