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May 31

The day I wrote my MCAT. Sorry for the total lack of forewarning on that one. I do this thing where when I’m nervous about a thing, I clam up about it.

But it happened! It’s done! And it all happened so FAST. It really didn’t feel like 5 hours. Each section flew by. 

My mama drove me to the test centre and between our keener-ness, we got there a solid hour early. We found a beautiful off-leash park and walked for 20 minutes before heading back. She prayed for me and promised to wait awhile outside before she drove off. I kind of wanted to cry before I headed in, but I convinced myself that would not help me be in a good mental state, hahaha!

The girl checking me in was SO wonderful. She was just cheerful and calm and sweet and it eased my nerves. I got the “You look familiar…” (happens so often - any combination of reddish hair, brown eyes and freckles will do it) and so we chatted briefly about that - a nice little distractor. ;)

Anyways, the sections!

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