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dearlambie replied to your post: Winter’s Back
is 6 supposed to be warm…? o_O

It’s above freezing! I’m going on Celsius of course… But yes haha It’s almost a 30 degree change in 3 days.

I liking the pictures on InstaGram that my friend in Tennessee is posting of fall leaves and cute fall outfits. And she keeps liking my pictures of the Christmas-y snow we’re getting in. A world of difference.

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I keep seeing creepy staches on guys all over campus and my inner dialogue is going ‘guys, what’s up, you should sha- ahhh! Right… It’s Movember ‘

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There’s is this one dental hygiene student in my physiology class and she drives me crazy.
Stop talking in class.
No, I don’t wish I was you. I don’t want to be in your program. Quit acting like I do.
Yes anatomy is hard. Shhhhhhhhhh.
PS. Your scrubs in class are silly.

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